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East Lake is a large lake within the city limits of Wuhan, China, and the largest[citation needed] urban lake in China. Wuhan's East Lake covers an area of 33 square kilometers. It was designated as one of the 4A tourist zones of China in 2000. East Lake has a bird sanctuary, botanical garden, museums, boat rides, fishing, cycling, a public aquarium, and other activities for locals and tourists alike.Spectacular Hills and Lakes The East Lake ...[Detail]

Xianning Spa is located in the hinterland of central China, Jiangxi north east, the Antarctic Xiao Xiang, facing west toward Chu, north of Wuhan in Wuhan, Huangshi, Ezhou ladies party dresses, Yueyang and other major urban core areas, 86 kilometers from Wuhan, Beijing-Guangzhou railway, In Jianwu wide high-speed railway, 106,107 National Highway formal evening dress, Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway passing through, superior location and convenient ...[Detail]

The Mulan Heaven Lake is located west of Shimen Mountain and Mulan eco-tourism area of Changxuanlin town in Huangpo area, Wuhan. District Magistrate Huang Bei the porch range town Shimenshan, west of the Lily magnolia, east adjoining with the Mulan Mountain and Mulan Lake, and is 61 kilometers from Wuhan city center. It takes only one hour to Wuhan by bus. The transportation is extremely convenient.The Mulan Heaven Lake is made up of the ...[Detail]

Liangzi Lake is a winding freshwater lake located in southeast Hubei province, in the southern bank of the middle reaches of Yangtze River. The lake is 304.3 square kilometers, with a drainage area of 3,265 square kilometers, an elevation of 20 meters, 31.7 km length and mean width of 9.6 km.Liangzi Lake, one of the top 10 lakes of the country, is the second largest fresh water lake in Hubei province and home to Wuchang breams and popular big ...[Detail]

The Daoguan River Scenic Spot is located 69km to the east of Wuhan's city center. It has an area of 47 sq. km, the summer daytime high temperatures are 4 to 5 degrees Celsius lower than in Wuhan. The mountainous scenic spot is an ideal place for vacation and escaping urban heat wave. Unlike other rivers in China, the Daoguan River is flowing from east to west. Initially, "Daoguan" meant "the water of the river is being forced ...[Detail]

Lushui Lake is located in the Chibi City Hubei Province, is the national key tourism scenic spot. It is famous for great soldier of Dongwu garrisoned here. There are more than 8,000 islands in the Lushui Lake, for the biggest island is more than 100 hectares and the smallest one likes a tiny boat. The water quality in the lake is clear. On the water is greenwaves, full of fishing boats and speed boats.Lushui Lake Scenic Area is well-known as ...[Detail]

Longyou Red Cliff Hot Spring is the biggest scenic hot spring in central China. It has beautiful environment with complete facilities. It has the functions of vacation hotel, featured dining room, hot spring entertainment,and meeting centered etc. It is a spring hometown which is composed of vacation, leisure, commercial meeting, food, sporting, ecotourism and comfortable experience. [Detail]

Jialunhe Hot Spring Villa is a suburb hotel about 21 kilometers from the central area of Xiaogan. The European style hotel features 289 guest rooms and suites. The Chinese restaurant offers fresh local cuisines. It also features large scaled conference halls. Leisure facilities include fitness, swimming, chess, sauna, KTV, beauty/hair salon, billiards, massage, bowling, tennis, night club, table tennis, hot spring, basketball and badminton. ...[Detail]

The Ink Lake is a shallow-water lake. It belongs to the Eastern Lake water syatem. It covers an area of 34,000 square kilometers. The depth of the lake is commonly not more than 3 meters. It's fed by dozens of large or small lakes, such as, the Longyang Lake and the Taizi Lake. It has ever been one of ten views in Hanyang in ancient time. It was called" Flat Lake and Ancient Ferry" at that time. The surface is broad. The lakeshore ...[Detail]

Located in the Mulan Town, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, Mulan Lake is next to the famous mountain-Mulan Mountain, which is 60 kilometers away from the central part of Wuhan City. It is a provincial tourist resort for sightseeing, leisure and vocation, honored the backyard garden of Wuhan and pearl of Hubei Province.Mount Tianzi and Mulan Lake is the only scenic tour zone that provides service of drifting in Wuhan, where water from rock cavity ...[Detail]